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Kitten Apocalypse Kitten Apocalypse

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

What the hell did I just watch?!

Most inside jokes just aren't funny when taken out of their original context. Most inside jokes aren't funny to begin with. Most inside jokes are nothing more than a desperate handshake between friends. This movie transends the idea of the inside joke to something that might actually be funny.

I think you may be on to something. Ever since my cat had kittens last week something hasn't seemed right.

The bloodlust in their not yet opened eyes...

Their piercing cries...

Or maybe its just me.

Great graphics mostly, though I didn't care too much for the art style of the cat eating portion. And speaking of that, the scene drug on way too long for what could have been a 15 second skit. The kitten test brought the funny however. A 'fan' of critters are we? Soundtrack fit well, surprizingly. And you didn't hold back on the violence. So by default you get a 10 on that scale.

Overall, if this is what your inside jokes sound like, then I commend you for your wit and commitment to quality. And if I come from this movie with nothing else, at least now I'll be more careful about the mewing that lies under my desk.

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Masters of Doom! Masters of Doom!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good, but could use a bit of polish.

Graphics were competent, but weren't animated, and could stand to be a little cleaner. But, this being Newgrounds I should give you a totally heterosexual hug for NOT using stick figures as your primary character models.

Style was good however, and the rendering of John Romero was spot on, with his rock start hair and whatnot. The addition of actual Doom sprites for random background details worked better than it should have any right to.

Sound could use some work. The voice acting was somewhere between good and not so good. For as compressed as the audio was, I'm confused as to why the file size was so big. With the same quality sound and animation this could have been a 3mb movie.

In the violence department, being that its doom, you'd expect to see some dead demons every now and then. And yes, I did see some dead demons in this movie. Well, some dead everything was to be had. Like multiple dead John Carmacks. At least now I know the dangers of ingesting Diet Pepsi.

Though the pacing was slow for my tastes, there were some good jokes in this movie. Specifically the kill cam replay of Romero shooting the professor. Though some of the humor was canned, I did laugh a few times, which for someone as bitter and angry as me is very rare.

Overall, it ran slow, got boring in the middle, but had some good ideas that should be exploited in the next episode.

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von-Brunk responds:

First off, thank you for the intelligent review. Your criticism is greatly appreciated. As for sprites, we wanted to keep them at a minimum and only use them where necessary (and only use them where we felt it would enhance the jokes for fans).

As for the high file size, that was mostly in part of a few character models and background gags which were detailed and laggy (i.e., the outside shot of the pizza shop, the Ferrari, the guys in the background of the pizza shop and the mountains of hell). Plus the songs in the background were very large files, even when we compressed and chopped them.

For the graphics, we didn't want to animate them too much to avoid them appearing chaotic (people tend to focus better when the objects talking are plain and simple), especially given that the majority of the cartoon was dialogue. And that brings up the topic of pacing, which is something we'll try to fix with our future cartoons. We tried to keep things interesting, given the amount of dialogue spoken.

Miss Dynamite XIX Miss Dynamite XIX

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

There goes my stock in Girl's Gone Wild... again

I am somewhat miffed as to Eva causing mass destruction by accident. When does that ever happen?

The inclusion of Toby Keith, for whatever reason, gets a point docked from the score. The last time I was exposed to Toby Keith music I was rushed to the hospital with a brain aneurysm and was on life support for a week. I still haven't recovered. So nothing personal.

As for the movie proper, Cliff was a lousy villian. I know Cliff personally, and he doesn't have the motor skills to follow a moving object. He drools mostly.

The animation was a nice blend of fbf and tween, just like I'm used to seeing from your movies. Though I noticed you cut back on animation frames just a bit. I suppose I'll just have to live with it.

The humor was lacking in places. Pretty much any scene with Cliff just played out as 'stupid southern yokel ha ha'.

The voice acting was overall nice, Kagome and Mizura did their characters voices extremely well. Big Dog's voice samples were extremely compressed compared to the others, but the acting quality was just as good.

Considering you've started to tackle topical issues in your movies now, I would have expected to see this about 4 months ago. Better late than never I suppose. I do miss the old movies with their go anywhere do anything type storylines. But this series still remains my favorite.

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Grave 3 Grave 3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very well programmed with a few cosmetic flaws

The only thing that really brings this down is the graphics. Though thats been said before, so I won't really harp on it. Plus I know I couldn't do much better myself.

As far as the game itself goes, it could have used more enemies, as there were only a handful, and a bit quicker pace. On rails shooter type games need to keep the speed up . I think thats the reason why there have been a lot of bad reviews for this. I didn't encounter the lag most users were bitching about though, and my computer is 3 years old.

The sound effects were appropriate, but a little on the sparse side. And I'll admit that my voice work was not so good. I could have did it better, but I was a little strapped for time when I did the lines. Thats my excuse anyways.

The game was, of course, a little too short, but for a flash game, it was done extremely well, so the length is negligible. Overall, worthwhile to play, and fun, which is important. It has some correctable issues, but this does deserve its place on the front page, no matter what some users may say. Hope theres a 4th one coming soon, judging by the progress you've made with the first three, the fourth one it'd be killer. Good work.

Virtual Chubby Bunny Virtual Chubby Bunny

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Cool beans

Just saw this on Deviantart 10 minutes ago. Its a nice little take on the old virtual pet thing from a few years ago. Well, thank God that all died out. The game is too limited for my tastes, but its really all about abusing a cute rabbit. Loved being able to throw rocks at it and poke it. Would be better though if your actions had a lasting effect on its well being though.

Graphics were nice and well animated, although a bit plain. Colors are good, and nothing looks out of place in it. Style really shows off some artistic talent. Music was alright, though it doesn't really fit with me. Snapping a bunnies head off is fairly violent, so you get some points there. And just the idea of bending a cute bunny to your sick will is funny enough. Its just that the game is too limited for me, its more of a click and see what happens flash as opposed to an actual game. But for what it is worth it was pretty good.

Nocturnal-Devil responds:

well it's not really a game :P
Newgrounds doesn't have a seperate option for interactive junk. which it should. i even had to upload my tutorial in games. cuz you can only choose between game and movie when uploading.

dress-up kirsten dunst dress-up kirsten dunst

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Its actually not as bad as most Turd Of The Weeks

Sure, its a really pointless dressup game, but as far as being the turd of the week, I don't think so. She is drawn fairly well, and the users who say she is fat are idiots. I gave this a 4 for humor cause I read a few of the nonsensical reviews this got. Hilarious, I'll give it that. Some people just expect way too much froma dressup game. The Kirsten Dunst graphic was the only thing with any sort of effort put into it. But as far as dressup games go, this wasn't totally evil. At least it had some small bit of effort put into it. So maybe for your next submission you'll actually use your art style for good rather than evil.

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vagrant-fluke responds:

i must only use these powers for good
seriously though, cheers for the review. i'm in the process of a much better flash, and i'm gonna try and not get bored halfway though making it, like i did with this one. fingers crossed i wont get the turd again

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You've Got Her In Your Pocket You've Got Her In Your Pocket

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I must say I enjoyed this

The high notes on the vocals are a little squeeky, but I have that same problem myself. For singing so lightly your voice has a lot of volume to it. Your voice seemed to get better as the song went. Maybe you should have did a second take of it to clear up the vocals.

But thats all nitpicking really. The singing great overall, and the playing was very crisp and clear. You did fall out of time in a few places time, with a few minor hiccups toward the end. But no big deal. Jack White does the same thing on a White Stripes album.

This is an awesome song to cover. And you pulled it off magnificently. Might I suggest 'As Ugly As I Seem'? I think you could kick that song's ass too. Keep up the awesome work man!

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Black Friday (metal) Black Friday (metal)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

3 1/2 minutes of pure intensity

Deeeeaaamn man, that was heavy. I liked how the song was a constant build. It just got heavier and heavier, till my cat finally jumped off my subwoofer and went back to sleep in the corner. And it takes some effort to scare my cat away from the sub. The lyrics are very clear, dispite being dark. Quick question, what kind of microphone do you use? The piano loop was killer. It seemed weird at first to hear in a death metal song, but it blew me away. This is some actual kick ass death metal, and I'm not usually a fan. Excellent work!

kensmalts responds:

Thanks... yeah I wanted to try something new by putting piano not with a melodic song but with a brutal one... in fact the more mellow part of the song is the only part without piano... just wanted to experiment. thanks for the review.

NGS - One and Only NGS - One and Only

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice and short

I would say you could expand on it, but to be honest, it doesn't need to be. This is a fine piano solo. Very well played.

JesusSaves responds: